What do you say to the media?

As a company providing complex products and services, you want clear and punchy media coverage.

Your goal: Information, image formation and sales promotion

To achieve this, and have the media communicate your story appropriately, you need a partner who speaks your language. A partner who knows you well – your company, your product, your competitive environment and sector-specific details. A partner with the relevant media contacts who knows how communication works.

When it comes to PR and communication training shortways communications will ensure your name enjoys the limelight. As a PR agency, we specialise in making complex topics accessible. We act with a cool head instead of talking hot air. Our media partners appreciate this and our customers benefit from this.

What to say to the media? The best way is the shortest way.
Through shortways communications.

The PR agency for all strategic and operational communication needs. With powerful texts, extensive media contacts and a reliable partner network both in Germany and abroad.

Communicating clearly